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FileDepot Internal

FileDepot Internal is a convenient and simple way to transfer files as large as 2GB within Michigan State University. This system is only available to people with MSU credentials. FileDepot Internal has additional features that address institutional data requirements. Please consider encrypting your data prior to upload. Learn more about which data are considered sensitive at the Securing Institutional Data website.

NOTE: MSU Faculty/Staff: If you have not reset your password to sync with CampusAD, you will be unable to login to FileDepot and/or FileDepot internal until you reset your password. Reset your password by visiting and selecting the “Change A Password” button. Departmental NetIDs do not have a CampusAD account and will not be able to authenticate to the service. Individuals must use their personal ID to log in. MSU Affiliates and Retirees are not able to use FileDepot or FileDepot Internal. See TB609 for information on NetID privileges.

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More Details

  • If you are a member of the MSU community, you can log in to FileDepot Internal and send files to people at Michigan State University. Start by logging in and then clicking the Drop off button. We recommend modern versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer as browsers of choice.
  • Files are automatically deleted from FileDepot Internal 14 days after you upload them, so you don't need to manually clean up.
  • Further details about FileDepot and FileDepot Internal.